Never before have we been scared to eat candy, but Zombie Skittles are scary. The “BEWARE” stamp on the front should be a warning!

The new flavors are amazing, maybe our favorite special edition flavors ever, especially the Chilling Black Cherry (purple). The Zombie flavor is quite awful, it has a rotten fruit flavor or a bad meat taste. It’s not enough to gag you, you can swallow it, but it does linger, so popping in another one right away cancels out the flavor of the next one. After you get a Zombie one, you are scared to eat another, but the other flavors are so tremendously good, you really can’t resist.

Remember Bertie Botts Jelly Beans from Harry Potter? The Zombie is WAY worse than the vomit flavor. The scary thing is this, there’s no way to tell which one is a Zombie Skittle. We tried and tried to find a foolproof, Walking Dead type system of locating Zombie Skittles and we failed every time!

Well done Mars Wrigley, these would be awesome at a Halloween party, especially for teenagers. They could make a game of it. Would we buy again? Definitely! Why definitely? I mean, the did we really like the taste of rotten fruit or spoiled meat? No, but we did love the other 5 flavors so much, that’s a game of zombie skittle roulette is totally worth it. The new flavors are Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Chilling Black Cherry, Boogeyman Blackberry and Blood Red Berry.

Our family ate them on a road trip and laughed and laughed as three of us got Zombies (one on the first try). So how many zombies are there in a pack? The company says 1 to 9 (saw this posted somewhere on the internet, don’t quote me on it), but we got roughly 2:4, 0:10, 5:25, and 1:20. One would have been plenty though!

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