If Fall arrived in the form of a cookie, it might be the Maple Creme Oreo. The golden cookie contains a STRONGLY flavored maple creme that has some gritty brown sugar and molasses crystals (I assume that’s what they are, although I’m not a food scientist!) that add a nice texture to the creme.

If you are a person who loves Canada’s Dare Maple Creme cookies, but cannot get them in the U.S., you will love this substitute. If you are a connoisseur of Oreo cookie goodness, but not a huge maple flavor fan, you will be glad you tried this new Oreo flavor, but I doubt you go back for a second package. A little maple creme goes a long way. That’s a new saying at our house now, we could start a meme.

There are 24 Oreos per limited-edition Maple Creme Oreos package, this is 4 more than what you get in the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Mint limited-edition Oreos package, for those of you keeping cookie score.

As it turns out, 24 cookies was more than we needed. We didn’t love this limited-edition flavor, but we didn’t hate it. It would be a good flavor to pair with coffee, tea, or some hot cocoa as the weather turns from Summer to Fall, but it was a 1-2 cookie dessert for us, not a package-emptying gluttonous eating fest, which embarrassingly, we’ve done with a few of the limited-edition flavors. If you’re not sure you want to try them, you should anyway, as it’s nice to have a Fall snack option that isn’t Pumpkin Spice!

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