To be perfectly honest, plain Hershey’s bars rank really low on my personal candy bar index. They’re great for s’mores, where the marshmallow overwhelms your tastebuds (and pancreas), but I don’t think they are great to just sit and eat. I am not a huge fan of candy corn either, so the combination of two less-than-favorite flavors seemed like a reason for me to actually avoid this bar. But, in the spirit of “it’s always fun to try something new”, I bought it. (To clarify, this is “new” to us, the bar has been around for a few years.)

On first taste, there’s nothing amazing about the mockolate (what I call white chocolate, which isn’t really chocolate) taste. It’s not terrible, it actually melts smoothly and melds together with the candy corn flavor better than milk chocolate would have.

Somehow, and I can’t explain it, but despite not really liking these two flavors separately, the flavor actually works for me. I do wish this combination would find its way to a Hershey Kiss (FYI, this flavor is different from the Candy Corn Kiss last seen in 2012 or so). A smaller-sized, individually-wrapped candy would be a better way to enjoy this flavor than a large bar (unless you have someone to share it with). There is no way someone could eat an entire bar of this in one sitting, unless you put it on a s’mores, or melted it and dipped pretzels in it, or made that snack where you melt a Kiss on top a pretzel and top it with a piece of candy corn. Hershey’s, are you hearing me? You have a great flavor here to make other fall treats with! Make us a new Candy Corn Kiss, please!

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