The cupcake craze is one of our favorite food trends. We love to visit the local cupcake shop to see what crazy flavors they’ve added to the menu (best one lately = Arnold Palmer). We are totally cupcake fans! So, when I saw Pop-Tarts was bringing back the Pop-Tart cult favorite Frosted Confetti Cupcake and adding Frosted Chocolate Cupcake, I knew we’d have to try both of them out.

The Frosted Confetti Cupcake Pop-Tart smells strongly like vanilla cake. There isn’t as much confetti in the frosting as what the box shows, but I think we are all used to deceptive photos of food products by now. The first sample we tried straight out of the package, there was a definite cupcake flavor, a really nice and strong vanilla cake taste. The second pop-tart, we toasted and on the first bite, I thought about Funfetti Cake Mix from Pillsbury. This Pop-Tart tastes just like that. I always think toasting Pop-Tarts makes them better and that is definitely true for this flavor. Toasting it, or eating it warm, somehow made the vanilla cake flavor stand out even more. Definitely a good taste.

When you first rip open the foil on this Pop-Tart, you are greeted with a really nice Devils Food Cake smell. I quite enjoy that smell and I was more eager than I thought I would be to try a chocolate Pop-Tart, as chocolate and Pop-Tart don’t go together, in my opinion. But I am a child of the 80s, when Pop-Tarts choices were just Strawberry or Cinnamon.

With the first sample, we tried it right out of the package. The flavor was chocolate, a really nice flavor. The chocolate flavor lingered nicely and I was completely surprised. Our second sample was toasted, and that really woke up the frosting and gave the entire Pop-Tart a “fudgy” sort of smell. All I can think of eating this Pop-Tart is that A) this isn’t a breakfast food and B) this really tastes like a Hostess Chocolate Cupcake. We really liked this chocolate one as well.

Overall, I don’t think these are breakfast foods, these are treats, but the flavors were lovely and we would buy these again some time. I honestly think the best use for these would be for a kid’s birthday party at school. No plates, napkins, or forks needed. No worries about peanut allergies, hardly any mess, and they are different enough to feel special like a birthday treat should.

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