Mystery flavor!!! According to the stocker at my local Wal-Mart, everyone is trying this flavor. He was having to refill the shelves for the second time that day. As we are looking to expand our reviews to all things sweet, including new soda flavors, we thought we should try it too, you know, for science.

I think it is worth noting that this is the best artwork I’ve ever seen on a Mountain Dew label. I absolutely love the grim reaper Halloween-type theme. It’s worth stopping to look at it as PepsiCo really branched out on this one. After the photo, I’ll talk about the flavor, so if you don’t want to know, stop reading now. SPOILER ALERT!

I’ve read and watched some YouTube videos about this soda. I wanted to make sure I did my homework. It’s new, it’s very popular, I didn’t want to sound like an idiot. However, I haven’t found anyone that agrees with me on what this flavor actually is! I find that absolutely hilarious. How can a mystery flavor taste different to everyone!? My only guess is that the flavor is constantly changing, and later on PepsiCo’s Mt. Dew division will make us all look silly with the big reveal later in 2019.

The first thing to know is that this soda lacks any color at all. It looks like Crystal Pepsi with its pure white/clear color. On first smell, you definitely get something fruity. It’s really hard to pinpoint on smell alone. On first taste, I sense what others report, your taste buds are hunting around, trying to figure out what this super sugary clear liquid might be. I’ve read people think this is cotton candy, candy corn, or some think it is a Skittles flavor. I tasted all of that but really got a different final taste.

So…..what do I think this tastes like, and does my family agree with me? Yes, all four of us came to the same conclusion, at the end this is definitely a summery orange creamsicle flavor. There is a Wisconsin brewer named Sprecher’s that makes an Orange Dream flavor soda that is fantastic and this really reminded us of that (minus the glass bottle). Well actually, not all of us agreed, one changed his mind a few days later. After the second can, he said it tasted like Skittles, so this might still be a mystery to us. This is definitely fun, definitely worth trying out, and it doesn’t taste like any other Mt. Dew flavor we’ve ever had. Thank goodness it doesn’t taste like that terrible Liberty Brew flavor, I couldn’t take another flavor like that again.

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