We were a little scared to try this flavor of M&Ms, which has been around since 2017. This is a seasonal M&M flavor that ties into the whole Pumpkin Spice craze, but without actually using the label “Pumpkin Spice”. They are probably trying to avoid all the haters that poke fun at the Pumpkin Spice phenomenon. I understand the haters, as items like pumpkin spice salmon take the whole pumpkin spice thing too far.

We went with the shareable size (3.14 oz). Anything larger and we were worried we’d have to throw a bunch out or give the rest away. I have to say, that was exactly the right amount for four of us. The flavor is good, I mean I know it is only chemicals, there is no real pumpkin here, but there is also no chemical taste or aftertaste you sometimes get in products like this. Our family enjoyed it as an after-dinner sweet, although we weren’t crazy about the off-white interior. We thought the best use of these would be a mix of these with a bag of plain M&Ms and a cup of peanuts. Mix those 3 together and we could eat a big bowl! If you’d like to try some, Amazon has the 8 oz bag for a pricey $10 shipped (Amazon Affiliate Link) or check your local store before the Christmas candy takes its place!

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