Mint is a perennial favorite at our house. Grasshoppers, York Peppermint Patties, Mint Oreos…we love them all. So, we while we have loved some and not loved others of the Oreo flavors Nabisco keeps coming up with, we were very hopeful about this team-up with Baskin Robbins.

Using the traditional chocolate cookie on the outside, the creme flavor is mint with semi-sweet chocolate “chips” in it and then there is also a swirl/second layer of chocolate creme. The mint is fantastic and the chocolate creme layer is super tasty. It is a really nice combination (if you like mint). It does taste different than the regular Mint Oreo, there is definitely more going on, more complexity, and a richer taste. That simply means, if you like the normal Mint Oreo, you’ll like this cookie and it tastes different enough from the normal Mint Oreo that it is worth purchasing.

The photo below shows the inside of the cookie. The only disappointing thing about this cookie is the fact that the semi-sweet chocolate plays virtually no role in the taste of this cookie. I’m not sure about cost or feasibility, but it would have been awesome to see this in a double-stuff version, with some actual chunks of semi-sweet chocolate thrown in, like a super generous bowl of Baskin Robbin’s ice cream. The front of the package makes a point of telling the buyer this contains “chocolate chips” yet they are so small and insignificant that your taste buds never register them and there’s no bite from them as the cookie covers up the chocolate taste.

Overall, this is a really nice cookie, different enough from a regular Mint Oreo to make you want to to purchase it and tasty enough that you might want to buy two packages, so you don’t have to run back to the store the way we did!

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