We picked these Nerds up at the Economy Candy Store in Chinatown on a recent trip to New York City. Our family always sets aside some money to buy unique snacks on every trip we take and this store is packed floor to ceiling with candy. We were literally kids in a candy store! We slowly looked through each narrow aisle, absorbing all the candy our eyes could take in, letting our brains process if we’ve tried it before or not. Then, we see it, a little treasure sitting amongst all the other candy, a new flavor of NERDS!!! Everyone in our house loves Nerds. The packaging was designed by a genius, those easy little tabs you slide so you can pour out a palmful of deliciousness. We are too familiar with the normal strawberry and grape flavors you find almost everywhere, but on this day our choice was between the Guava and Mango Chile box or the Lime and Pineapple. We took the Lime and Pineapple without skipping a beat, as someone in our house has a terrible aversion to Guava (based on a really bad guava experience on a trip to Africa), we won’t go into the details, but it has sworn that family member off guava, well, forever.

The official description of these Nerds:

“Inspired by the fun and vibrant world of Mexican Wrestlers, Luchadores, Nerds Lucha Grande will body slam your taste buds! The bold tropical flavors and fiery personality will go head to head in your mouth with a punch of fabulous flavor. Experience the newest Mexican candy version of Nerds featuring unique flavors treasured in the tropics of Mexico and Central America. Which team will you choose?”

We started our taste test with just a few Nerds from each side, to help us get our bearings on the overall taste. The lime was mouth-puckering, a real smack to the tastebuds, on the first try. As I looked around the room I laughed thinking about some of those “baby tries lemon for the first time” videos since that’s what everyone’s faces looked like. The pineapple then body-slammed us into a yummy sweetness. On our second and third tries, the lime started to grow on us and if immediately followed up by the pineapple it was a great flavor combo tag team. Mixing them together yielded a sour and sweet combination, like if Red Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero teamed up in the WCW. I can’t recommend these enough to fans of Nerds. It’s new, it’s different, it feels like winning a big gold belt.

These are extremely hard to find, unless you live in a big city with a great candy store. You can buy a 24 count box from Amazon.com though, and honestly, I wouldn’t call you loco for doing it.

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