These Hostess Mermaid Unicorn Cakes would be just what I needed if my sugarpressure were at a 0. Or is there a below 0? There’s so much sugar packed into such a tiny 4-bite snack! I mean seriously, these things are super, super sugar snacks.

Why the strikethrough on the word Mermaid up above? Great question! Well, that’s because these sugary and tasty Unicorn cakes look EXACTLY like the Mermaid cakes that were out for Spring 2019. Look at the box photos below, these are literally the exact same yellow cake with sprinkles, same frosting color, same piping color, and the same dusted sugar color. It’s almost like Hostess wasn’t even trying. I don’t know, maybe the factory made too many Mermaid Cakes so they whipped up new packaging knowing the general public adores unicorns and voila! new “limited edition” item on the shelf! Oh, and because people like me still buy them, even if they are just a re-packaged design.

New “Limited Edition” looks a lot like….
Look familiar?

If you love extra sweet and don’t mind a cake that Hostess clearly copied from their earlier “limited edition” Mermaid cupcakes, then these are for you. If you loved the mermaid cupcakes, then these are also for you. These were not for us, we love sweets but these were too sweet. I knew that about Hostess cakes, but I had to buy them anyway, they said “limited edition” and we are suckers for those two words.

I’m sure kids wouldn’t mind a super-sized serving of sugar, so these would be a nice treat for a school event or birthday party. At U.S. $3 per box at WalMart, these are a good buy ($.38/a piece). I can imagine these selling well at our school “bake sale” that no one actually “bakes” for. Kids would snatch these up right away!

We’ll look for these to come out again next year under a new package, “Fairy” themed perhaps or maybe “Princess” cakes, whatever is popular in 2020.

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