We picked up the Trader Joe’s petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies on a recent visit to Trader Joe’s. A few people in our house are big fans of these shortbread cookies covered in yogurt. A few of us are not. I do think this combination is an acquired taste, no doubt about it.

This combo sounds disgusting, but it’s not like Yoplait dripping off these cookies, that would be disgusting. No, this is a hardened yogurt coating, like what you eat on yogurt-covered raisins (which may be an acquired taste also). The crumbly shortbread cookie inside has a wonderful buttery taste with a few hints of vanilla. The orange-colored cookies are pumpkin spice flavored and the white ones are yogurt flavored. I assume the plain yogurt coated white ones are there as to not overwhelm your tastebuds with the pumpkin spice flavoring, which can happen this time of the year. The pumpkin spice taste is there, although somewhat muted, it isn’t powerful or overwhelming. It is very subtle and pairs well with the cookie and yogurt coating.

Trader Joe’s petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies

These cookies are topped with nonpareils which add an interesting crunch and texture to these cookies. They are also a really nice snack size, although some of us eat these 2 or 3 at a time (yes, I’m looking at the teenager in our house). You can eat 4 cookies for 130 calories, and there are 40 cookies per box, which is a really nice amount. Half of our house recommends these, not with our highest rating, but with a “yeah, it’s different, it’s pumpkin spice, enjoy it” kind of rating. The other half refuses to try them, as they prefer yogurt with berries and granola.

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