There are a few people you can follow to find new and interesting candy. One of them is @CandyHunting on Twitter. After we saw this tweet, we knew we had to try these gumballs for ourselves. They looked so appealing, a gumball that tastes like a donut with a grape jelly center, oh my! Our hopes were high on this one.

We do not traditionally buy new gum (we are loyal Trident chewers) and especially not “2 minute” gum like Dubble Bubble. You know what I mean, gum that you start chewing and 2 minutes later it has lost all taste. However, this particular gum had us intrigued. So we stopped by our local Dollar Tree and picked a package up (along with some other candy we will also review soon). I mean, for a buck, you can go nuts at this place. Four packages of candy later and our total was US$4.28, SOLD!

This gum looks appealing from the package. It is the color of a typical jelly donut. We all guessed the center would be a liquid grape, we hoped it would taste like a grape Nerds-type grape. The donut exterior, if you suck on it, it has a Krispy Kreme like taste, something like a sugary glazed donut—for about 5 seconds, then the flavor is gone. And if you chew it immediately there is no donut taste, nothing but gum, gum, gum taste, and then nothing, because Dubble Bubble is a 2 minute gum. And there was no grape “gush”, no grape flavor even. What in the world, are you kidding me?!

We cut these open to see if there was grape in there. Well, there was some kind of purple goo, but it had no taste, it tasted of nothing, empty and void, we were crushed. Oh…a grape gush would have been a nice flavor too! Well, not in this gum, it’s just gum, it has a gum taste that lasts all of 2 minutes, goes away and you are left with chewing nothingness. How disappointing, it was a dollar wasted.

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