After reviewing the Double Bubble Jelly Donut Gum Balls from Dollar Tree, our expectations for this Dollar Tree exclusive were VERY low. As we aren’t regular Dollar Tree shoppers, we wondered if the Dollar Tree is where disappointing candies go to die. Luckily though, we did not try two duds in a row!!!

We can make this review short…this candy is amazing.

If you want more info…here are the details. We were thinking this was going to be a gummy candy, since it is made by Trolli. WOW, were we wrong! This is Brach’s candy corn, not just in name, but in texture. This is really some kind of amazing tasting candy corn, covered in sour sugar powder. Ours seemed to be extremely fresh. You know that fresh candy corn texture, right? Slightly waxy, but melts in your mouth? These things are that PLUS a sour sugar rush like nothing we’ve ever tasted. They are amazing, and we can’t stop eating them. We haven’t found a candy lately that left us wanting for more after a first taste. In fact, we often throw away most of our treats (or take them to work for co-workers to finish). Not so with this candy, we ate all 4.5 oz and asked for more.

The flavor combinations are fantastic. Just look at them, cherry-lemon, strawberry-grape, orange-lime, amazing pairings. No flavor combination is bad, the orange-lime were our favorite though. You can taste the flavors better by sucking off all the sour sugar, which is a great mouth souring experience. We can’t recommend these enough, be sure to grab a couple before they disappear.

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