We have a hard time resisting that “New” or “Limited Edition” label on sweets. You just never know what you will find inside! These Haribo Sour Cubes were in the clearance aisle at our WalMart for $.50. While being on clearance usually isn’t a good sign, we hadn’t tried them before, and if they were awful, $.50 is a pretty small loss!

First of all, the packaging! That square character with his tongue out is spot on! Each candy is a little bigger than a dice. It is a one-bite perfect-size candy in our opinion. The sour powder on the outside did not come off in our hands and these aren’t as messy as other sour candy or sugar-coated candy we’ve tried.

We are kicking ourselves for not buying a few more at $.50. Like a lot of you, we love sour candy. We did think these could be a bit more sour. We don’t like the mouth-puckering-wish-you-hadn’t-tried-it sour candy, but these weren’t quite sour enough for us. The best part of the candy was the nice dense structure, it seemed the perfect amount of chew-to-sticky ratio, much better than a candy like Chuckles.

The flavors intrigued us because they truly were more “exotic” than other candies. There are six different flavors in this bag: Plum, Passion Fruit, Gooseberry, Blood Orange, Mango, and Dragonfruit. These flavors are different enough from other sour candy on the market that they are worth trying. We each had our favorites but the blood orange flavor was a universal favorite. An entire bag of that flavor would make us yell, “TAKE OUR MONEY, HARIBO!” The other flavors were really good as well. They weren’t super flavorful, but you could definitely taste the flavor in them. Our only serious complaint is that we wished the colors were more varied between the flavors. They were difficult to tell apart inside the bag, especially the two yellow ones.

These are definitely worth a try if you like this kind of gummies or sour candy. We hope there are some left next time we head to the store!

Price: $.50, Found at: Walmart Clearance Aisle

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