We went on a bit of a Haribo sour binge the last time we were at the store. Sometimes, that’s how snack purchases go, amiright? We thought these Haribo Sour Streamers looked interesting and they had a “new” label on them, and as I’ve said before, we are suckers for that “new” or “limited edition” label.

There are four flavors here. Cherry, Green Apple, Orange, and Blue Raspberry. The flavors were faint, but still there. No flavor is bad, but everyone in our family had a different favorite. Personally, I liked the green apple best, but I have tastebuds that are trained to love that flavor.

The sour powder is more sugary sour vs. the extreme sour you get from some candies. The texture is similar to fruit rope or Fruit by the Foot. These are difficult to bite through because they are thin, you just have to put the entire strip in your mouth and chew. The texture is great when you eat it that way and it’s fun to stack and mix these flavors. We particularly liked the cherry/green apple stack.

If you enjoy chewy sour candy, this one is for you. We liked this one for its not-too-sour and wonderful chewy texture. I would definitely buy these again.

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