Hostess has new packaging and slight recipe changes for three of their snack items this Halloween. Chocolate Scream Twinkies, Scary Cakes, and these Glo Balls. The kids wanted all three, but as the adult, I had to make one of those really hard parent-y decisions where we only buy one. A vote was taken and these Glo Balls won a place in our cart. What a serious mistake!! There were cries of “RECOUNT!” and “VOTER FRAUD!” after trying these things. We wanted to pin down who voted for these and make sure their votes never counted again!

We haven’t had Hostess Sno Balls in a very long time, maybe since the adults were children themselves. I don’t think the kids have ever had one, which may have led to their terrible voting. As our 9-year-old later said, these were “not the best thing in the world”. That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one.

Typically Hostess products are exactly what you pay for. Low cost, but still yummy, calories. A Twinkie isn’t that great in reality (contrary to what Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland might think), but they are decent AND (and this one is important) they are very low cost. But the Sno Balls, turned Glo Balls for Halloween, were not what I remembered at all.

Maybe I remember it all wrong, but I thought the coconut was actually the size and shape of the coconut you get from a bag. The coating on these was more like dust they swept up from the coconut flakes factory. The smell was there, but hardly any coconut taste was there. The marshmallow layer was really weird with a texture more like foam and less like marshmallow. The only redeeming part was the devil’s food cake, which was okay and then the overly sweet creamy center, a Hostess trademark if there ever was one.

Overall, not a “glowing” review for these 1980 throwbacks of terrible food. I’d watch some 80’s Child’s Play or Friday the 13th and eat these on Halloween for nostalgia reasons, but we can’t recommend them otherwise.

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