Boules de Miel - Lavender Honey Drops

Do you struggle to find small gifts that you are happy to give to someone? You are not alone! I think everyone struggles with that. So we’ve hatched an idea to buy edible gifts from Amazon to help you. I know, I know, it’s a huge sacrifice on our part to taste all the wonderful foods Amazon has to offer. The struggle is real!

We’ve purchased four or five different items now and so far, this is the only one we really think makes a great gift. We highly recommend these gourmet Boules de Miel – Lavender Honey Drops from France. If you aren’t a honey expert (and most of us aren’t) lavender honey is made from the nectar of lavender flowers. Bees fly out, collect this nectar, take it back to the hive and process it into honey. This is a very different honey than what you buy at your local grocery store and the flavor is quite different. There are copycats out there trying to replicate this top-shelf, premiere honey type with “lavender-infused honey” which is not the same as honey made specifically from lavender nectar. Rest-assured this candy is full of the real deal.

France is well-known for its production of lavender in several regions. Enterprising beekeepers figured out to put hives near these fields to help with pollination and also to produce some of THE best honey in the world. Lavender honey is known for its bright flavor, medium sweetness, and both woodsy and citrusy notes. It also has a very faint taste of lavender, which is simply amazing.

This is a hard candy, like a lemon drop, with a gooey and tasty lavender honey center. The initial taste is a nice medium sweet honey flavor with hints of lavender. This hard candy shell can easily last 5-10 minutes if you savor it. The pure honey center is simply amazing. It’s the consistency of honey, so it’s not that weird throat lozenge liquid, this is thick and tasty lavender honey in the middle of these. Our family thinks edible gifts are the best kind of gifts. It doesn’t sit on a shelf to collect dust, it can be shared, and almost everyone enjoys sweets.

This candy comes in a nice 7.1 oz glass jar with a metal lid and a simple but classy label. The cost is reasonable, for a gift, at $12.50. It is a nice small size, easy to put a bow on. It makes a great host or hostess gift, a Secret Santa gift, a nice thank you. This looks more expensive than it is and with the “Product of France” sticker sealing the lid it feels very special when you open it.

The holidays are around the corner. If you are looking for a unique gift, this is our first recommendation. Click the picture below to order from Amazon.

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