This is a Dollar General exclusive limited-edition Mountain Dew flavor. Bring on the Burst! It’s the new Mtn. Dew Maui Burst flavor!

As you can see, it appears to be quite popular at our local Dollar General. This display was set up for two days and almost all were gone. I hope everyone appreciates PepsiCo bringing this flavor out in a single large 16 oz can for $1 at Dollar General. I know as reviewers we certainly appreciate it. To review Mtn. Dew Voodoo we had to buy an entire 12 pack, which is a lot of soda if you end up not liking the flavor. (We ended up giving most of the Voodoo to others to try. Although we liked the flavor, we don’t drink that much soda.)

The taste is actually pretty good on this limited edition Mtn. Dew. It tastes like a non-alcoholic piña colada Mtn. Dew. There is a strong pineapple smell and a nice flavorful pineapple taste that has that Mtn. Dew citrus flavor to it. It is VERY sugary sweet (like most Mtn. Dew flavors). One can of this contains 119% of your daily sugar (it is 16 oz, not the normal 12), so if you wanted to follow this with some Tropical Skittles, for instance, you may go into a sugar coma.

It is somewhat disconcerting that the can contains 0% fruit juice, so the flavor is all chemical in this one. However, we liked the pineapple flavor and this tastes amazing with rum, tequila or gin mixed with it. Yes, we did try out some mixes (for science purposes, you’re welcome)!

My favorite part about this drink, other than mixing it with alcohol, was the can art. The display doesn’t show off the can art well enough but just look at the picture below. We absolutely loved the can art on the Mtn. Dew Voodoo cans and this can is just as phenomenal as those were. To us, the packaging is a big deal, not as big as taste or price, but it plays an important part in the overall experience in our opinion.

We would recommend this. Hey, for $1, it’s worth a try and the taste was actually pretty good. just maybe pair it with some protein rather than more sugar!!

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