Godiva Molten Lava Cakes

October is party time at our house. Two of us have birthdays this month, one day apart. The only challenge is baking two cakes, back to back days. We love cake, but you do get tired of it after 3-4 days. It is a burden we gladly bear to celebrate each other though.

We love to make cakes from scratch. At the beginning of this year, we started working through various cookbooks and baking a cake per week. We had a blast doing it, but our cakes started to get more and more intricate and the cost approached US $20 per cake! So, we decided to take a little break. However, for birthdays, nothing but a from-scratch cake of the celebrant’s choosing will do.

Which leads us to our baking mix…How did this box mix end up at a birthday party? Well, we tried to make molten lava cakes a few times and have never been really impressed with the results. When we saw this kit from Godiva, we figured for about US $6 and less than 25 minutes investment from opening the kit to the table, we couldn’t not try it.

Here is the baking mix kit laid out. You get six individual cups and three pouches of cake mix. The really nice thing about this kit is that you can make two, four, or six cakes, depending on how many of those silver foil pouches you open. The instructions are made for you to make two cakes at a time and are super easy and convenient to follow. Warm oven, melt butter, empty a pouch, add an egg, blend, divide batter and BAKE!

Here’s the result. We added powdered sugar and whipped cream to ours. The whipped cream started to melt the minute we applied it because molten lava cakes are served immediately after coming out of the oven. Our results were fantastic. This was a rich and decadent chocolate cake, exactly what you’d expect from Godiva. The chocolate was really good, the gooey center was warm and fantastic. The whipped cream always helps to soften the overwhelming chocolate, which is why we bought it separately and added it to our cake. The serving size was perfect, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but not too much as to overwhelm you (especially as this was birthday number two for us, so we had just had a lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting the night before).

I’d have to say, after trying this boxed mix, we won’t be trying molten lava cakes from scratch again. This was super easy to make and the results were far better than anything we’ve tried in the past.

If your local store is not carrying these, you can also buy them at Amazon, just click on the picture below. We highly recommend trying these out. Next time, we will put a few fresh raspberries between the cakes and the whipped topping so it doesn’t melt…we will not wait for another birthday to make these again…next time will be very soon!

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