“What time is it? Spice time! What time is it? Spice time!” That’s the chant I imagine every single food company marketing team is chanting around the boardroom table this time of year. While the stores are overrun with Pumpkin Spice items, I’m thankful the good people at Coca-Cola knew that pumpkin wasn’t the right flavor for their soda. Other flavors possible flavors that shouldn’t make the cut are turkey, sweet potato, gravy, or stuffing (Can you imagine a mashup with Stove Top?).

The spice product that did make the cut is an amazing cinnamon-flavored Coke that only a grinch couldn’t enjoy. It smells like cinnamon in your glass and it has a faint warming cinnamon flavor. It isn’t overpowering and is not too far from the original Coca-Cola recipe. It tastes like Coke that you added a dash or shot of liquid cinnamon to it. (FYI…the ingredient list does not list cinnamon as an ingredient.) It’s enough to make you taste the cinnamon, but not enough to taste like Fireball or leave a burning feeling. It is a nice warming flavor, perfect for the holidays and winter, which have abruptly arrived in much of the U.S.

We were lucky enough to find the last small can (7.5 oz) six-pack in the store. Our store hasn’t added 2 liters or 12 packs yet. The cost didn’t break the bank either, with this small can six-pack coming in at US $3.25 at Walmart.

If you are a Coke fan, this is one you shouldn’t miss. I imagine sales will be really good. It is a nice departure from regular Coke. I’d like to see convenience stores add this to fountain soda machines, I’d love to put some of that sugary vanilla flavoring in with this.

I’m also really glad to see Coke branching out on flavors. With soft drink/soda sales declining as people drink more water, tea, juice and coffee, the Coca-Cola company has to do something if they want sales to stop declining. I think branching out to new flavors is a very interesting way to increase sales. We don’t usually buy soda unless there is a special occasion, but we were happy to purchase this one since it is a special edition. They’ve certainly hit a home-run with this flavor and we can’t wait to try the new Cranberry Sprite as well.

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