We are always looking for a new browning mix that we like. We love to keep these on hand for that last-minute dessert for visitors at our house. Yes, you could just set some store-bought cookies on a plate, but brownie mixes are so darn easy to throw together and serve fresh out of the oven with a little vanilla ice cream (which we also keep on hand, in case of emergencies). Maybe people don’t just drop in on you, but we are Midwesterners and company is always a possibility here.

Our go-to brownie mix is the Chocolate Triple Fudge by Ghirardelli, but we always try new food at our house. So when I saw this Trader Joe’s mix which includes Dutch-processed cocoa and chocolate chips, I knew we had to try it. These are so easy to make that our 10-year-old made them: empty mix from bag, add eggs and butter and bake!

If you do not have a Trader Joe’s near you. You can always splurge and buy the mix from Amazon using the link above.

How does it taste? This is a very rich tasting brownie. They have a nice dense texture with some melty chocolate chips inside. Unlike our normal Ghirardelli mix, which are good right away but always tastes better the next day (in our opinion), these Trader Joe’s brownies are fantastic after just an hour of waiting! Baking time is only 30 minutes, let them sit for a 60 minutes and Voila! Amazing chocolate brownies! We used store-bought chocolate frosting on ours, but some powdered sugar sprinkled on them would have also worked. We highly recommend these for the $2.99 Trader Joe’s price, easy prep, and fantastic flavor.

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