Pumpkin Spice season isn’t over yet! We finally found these Swiss Miss packets at a local grocery store. We have been searching high and low for them for a while now. As we usually like Pumpkin Spice and hot chocolate tends to run through our veins here in the Midwest. There’s nothing that soothes your muscles and warms you up after shoveling your driveway like some rich and delicious hot cocoa.

I wish the Amazon Affiliate link above was what our cups looked like. If you want to buy your own two-pack of this Swiss Miss Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Mix, you can click the beautiful photo above.

We always make our hot cocoa with milk. We’ve tried water before but it makes for a thin, runny cocoa. You feel like the Lords and Ladies from Downton Abbey drinking some thick, rich and delicious hot cocoa made with milk. It’s pretty easy to do. We only drink whole milk at our house, which might help a lot with the thick and deliciousness as well. We put one cup of whole milk in a one-cup glass measuring cup, put it in the microwave for a minute or so, depending on how powerful your microwave is, then add it to the mix and enjoy. It is that easy.

For the pumpkin spice flavor, this cocoa was about perfect. I felt like Goldilocks with its not-overpowering-but-not-too-weak-very-nice-middle-ground flavor. It gave you enough pumpkin spice, while not drowning out the chocolate flavor. This odd-sounding flavor pairing works beautifully and the zen-like back-of-the-box text is something you should read with every cup.

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