In an effort to break into new review areas, we at are not content to eat our way into the sugary goodness life, we’ve also decided to drink our way into it as well! We previous reviewed Coke’s new Cinammon Flavor and now we’ll try Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry as well. I’m not sure you can buy one without the other, it’s the holidays, go ahead, get both!

This soda has a light, bright, fresh flavor. Very, very fruity. The Cranberry flavor is very light. Cranberry has you thinking tart, but this soda does not carry over that tart taste of cranberry. I’m guessing this appeals to those of you that use sweet cranberry sauce during the holidays, as this is a sweet cranberry taste to appeal to you.

I’m not a huge fan of Sprite in general and I’m not sure I would buy this over a regular Sprite if I were to buy Sprite. It’s just kind of berry-ish Sprite. In lieu of more description of the soda, a quick storytime. My Grandma was a huge 7-Up fan. For her, it could cure anything. Tummy troubles? Grandma would give you 7-Up. Cut your finger? Also 7-Up. My Grandma was a registered nurse, yet this was her go-to cure. So, I’m not sure the Sprite/7-Up rivalry is like West Coast vs. East Coast, but 7-Up is the go-to lemon-lime soda at our house, in honor of my Grandma’s memory. However, Grandma liked to try new foods, so I’m sure she would have tried this flavor, she just wouldn’t prescribe it to cure your troubles.

If you’d like to buy your own, we found our 20oz at Walmart at one of those checkout coolers. That’s a great option if you simply want to try this. They also had 12 packs if you decide this is for you. Or you can follow our Amazon Affiliate link below and have it delivered to your front door. No promises made about its ability to cure any health problems though!

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