It’s BAAAAACCCKKKKKKKK! From time to time Hershey’s uses their extra creamy formula on different items. We’ve seen this in their Nugget chocolate, Easter Eggs and also their staple, the iconic Hershey’s chocolate bar. We absolutely love this recipe and wish it was the one Hershey’s used all the time.

So what’s different about it? Well, it’s smoother, tastes milkier and definitely less clay-like or chalky than their regular bar. We typically use Hershey’s bars only for s’mores, as we are not huge fans of the chocolate. However, this extra creamy recipe is definitely our personal favorite of all Hershey’s bar options.

This bar tastes more like what you’d find in European chocolate like Milka or even Hershey’s Cadbury U.K. It has a nice smooth melt with a creamy taste. We’ve tried it on s’ mores and it is amazing. It melts better, it tastes better, please make this the default chocolate you use Hershey!

We found ours at the WalMart checkout for $.88 We cannot find a link to buy them online, but we highly recommend searching around the grocery store for this one.

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