One great thing about these large conglomerate companies is the overall breadth of their brand portfolio. Hershey’s has started to figure out that they can leverage all their brands into mash-up candy bars that help drive more profit because customers like us absolutely LOVE to buy new, limited edition and special edition candy.

This bar is a normal Hershey’s bar with Whoppers mixed in. This bar is XL to make room for the mini Whooper’s inside. We aren’t sure how large the bar would need to be to include full-sized Whoppers but we’d like to try that one out! However, if you like Whoppers (and half our family does) even the small miniature sized Whoppers are great.

We weren’t sure about a large amount of chocolate with Whoppers but it really works for this bar. You can definitely taste the malted Whopper and it is a really nice ratio of malt to chocolate. This is much better than the small amount of chocolate you get on a normal Whopper, but not too much to overpower the great Whoppers flavor.

We found this at our local WalMart in the checkout aisle for $1.33 and we definitely recommend you try this one out if you like Whopper’s. You know who would really like this? Probably your dad. You should buy him one!

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