Another great mash-up bar from Hershey’s. Leveraging America’s favorite candy brand Reese’s, this bar is Hershey chocolate along with mini-Reese’s Pieces. We are huge fans of the peanut butter and chocolate combination, so this is a match made in Heaven for us!

This is Hershey’s normal chocolate bar, although we’d love to see the Extra Creamy Hershey’s chocolate in a Reese’s combination. We loved the candy coating and the crunch it gives this bar and the peanut butter is the Reese’s taste a whole lot of people love. We did wish there was some more peanut butter, which you might be able to get with a Hershey’s XL bar and full-sized Reese’s Pieces. Now, that would be amazing!

This was our favorite of the three new bars Hershey’s released (the Extra Creamy, Whoppers XL, and this one). We highly recommend it, if you love chocolate and peanut butter or are a huge Reese’s fan.

Our ten-year-old said he’d be willing eat all of this for us as it put him “in his special candy place”. We don’t know what or where that is exactly, but it seems to be some pretty high praise for this bar. We purchased ours at WalMart, another great candy place, for $.88.

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