I’m not sure where we saw that these would be a new Hostess product for Winter 2019. We scribbled it down in the little Rhodia notebook we take with us on scouting trips for snacks to review. We’ve made SIX TRIPS to the grocery store just trying to find these (yep, we love sugar). Then….two days ago…we forgot to put yogurt in the cart, so we started walking…it’s about 7 miles round-trip from the checkout to the yogurt section at the furthest reaches of our Super WalMart…and there it was, a brand new Hostess setup of Winter Goodness.

We will eventually make a sacrifice and try all four, but initially, we picked up the Ding Dongs and Twinkies to try. I’m not sure how Hostess can use the font and overall theme/idea from the Disney movie Frozen, but they are definitely capitalizing on the success of that movie here. I can also understand the Mint Twinkie and White Fudge and Mint Ding Dongs but the Triple Fudge Brownie seems out of place. The Holiday CupCakes are the normal Hostess cakes but decorated for Winter, that’s an annual tradition for Hostess.

So how do these taste? Well, according to the packaging, we should try these Frozen, get it, like the movie. So we did a taste test of both frozen and room temperture Ding Dongs. First of all, these are not appealing to look at. I’m not sure if our box was particularly bad or if they let some 3rd graders in to sprinkle the tops of these on the day ours were made, but it was really inconsistent. I know, I know, they are like $.29 per Ding Dong, but c’mon, doesn’t presentation matter? They smell great though. A wonderful minty smell that makes you want to see if you actually can fit the whole thing in your mouth at once when the 10-year-old dares you too. (I’m the adult though, so I resisted that dare, but I do love a good dare.) The white fudge is pretty good, it reminded us of Zebra Cakes from the arch-rival of Hostess, Little Debbie. The cake is the normal buttery vanilla cake you expect from Hostess, good, not great. The mint though is a very odd electric blue. Now, the weird thing about this is that blue is typically reserved for chemicals and dangerous products. Think of Windex, windshield wiper fluid, and anti-freeze. There’s a reason for that, that color is not found in nature, so it’s used to signal BAD. However, Hostess went ahead and used it for their mint filling, which makes my brain go haywire with confusion. Is it good, eat it? Is it bad? Don’t eat it!

Overall it’s a decent cake for the money. They were definitely better frozen though. We thought it made the cakes nice and dense and the minty filling was slightly chewy. Freezing the white fudge was our favorite because it took longer to melt, which was really nice. We recommend you go out and try these, for US $2.97 for 10 cakes, it’s a bargain even Elsa couldn’t let go.

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