It’s wintertime, one of our favorite times of the year. This is probably the best time of year for people that love sweets and snacks. There are so many great new products coming out and it appears that stores are now transitioning to “mint season” from “pumpkin spice season”.

Hostess is cashing in on this change os seasons with several new mint products, including this Mint Chocolate Twinkie and a product we previously reviewed the new Wintermint Ding Dongs. It is fantastic to see the new Hostess (remember the old Hostess went bankrupt) as they are trying new and fun combinations of existing products. This gives consumers more options and fun things to try while increasing profits for Hostess.

So how does it taste? The cake is moist and light with a really subtle chocolate flavor. The mint is the same flavor as what is in the Wintermint Ding Dongs, but it works soooooooooo much better in this chocolate and mint combination. That might be a flavor bias we have, since we often taste mint and chocolate together, but it really works well in this combination. The Wintermint Ding Dong with White Fudge wasn’t terrible, but it isn’t a combination we are all familiar with, if you know what I mean.

So if you want to branch out and try something new, a different combination, go with the Wintermint Ding Dongs. If you want to stick to a tried and try combination, go with the Chocolate Twinkies.

These were a really reasonable US $2.97 at WalMart or roughly US $.30 per Twinkie. That is an affordable and reasonable price for a sweet snack. I imagine there will be entire Pinterest pages on desserts you can make using these. Get yours before “mint season” passes us by.

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