Hello, we are the Sugarpressure family and we suffer from dough-phoria. It’s a daily struggle but we love us some Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream! So, what if we could have the cookie dough, without the ice cream? Well, sign us up for that too!

This brand new product from Ben & Jerry’s just hit store shelves in November and we can tell you, THEY ARE SPECTACULAR! If you are a cookie dough fan, or suffer from dough-phoria, we suggest you try these out!

These are small little cookie dough chunks. I can imagine if you baked them, they’d create cookies the size of quarters. However, for snacking, we found them to be just the right size to eat two or three at a time. The flavor is exactly the same as the cookie dough pieces in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Sweet, chocolatey, hints of brown sugar and vanilla, these things really hit the spot. We wish these were a little larger and the chocolate chips were larger as well, however, these were originally designed to be in ice cream and the size is perfect there. Without the ice cream though, these are on the small size, but only because they are so tasty, we want to eat giant golf ball-sized chunks of this stuff.

Overall, this is a fantastic frozen treat that will challenge you not to finish the entire bag in one sitting. Finishing it in one sitting would be fairly easy to do with a bag that is only 8oz in size. We paid US $4.28 at Walmart for these and there was only one bag left. There is another flavor, the peanut butter chocolate chip chunks of cookie dough, but those were completely sold out. If you see these, buy them, DOUGH not pass them up!

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