We love Kit Kats at our house. There’s something fantastic about the wafer and chocolate combination and there’s something special about a candy designed to break the bar apart and share. For years, we’ve loved getting the crazy Japanese flavored Kit Kats like Roasted Green Tea, Sake, Maple Leaf, Strawberry and even Banana. On my birthday every year I wish with all my hearts that Nestle would bring crazy and fun flavors of Kit Kat to the U.S. (not really, but it makes for a good story).

Well, this year, my wish was granted, sort of. A new cinnamon Kit Kat has arrived, just in time for the holidays! We found these at CVS for US $4.39 but we’ve since found them at many other stores as well. We had some trouble when buying these, as they weren’t in the system yet, as ours were fresh off the truck!

These are miniature-size and individually wrapped, like Halloween-size. It almost feels like a dainty and special treat. They look exactly like a regular Kit Kat bar, the chocolate isn’t a special color, the wafer looks the same, but it is what’s on the inside that counts right? I mean, that’s what my Grandma always told me.

The cinnamon taste is definitely sweet. This isn’t a cinnamon challenge where you spit fire or anything, this is candy after all. It definitely reminds you of a sweet roll or cinnamon roll type sweet, not bitey or hot, very soothing in taste. Cinnamon works really well with the chocolate and wafer and, overall, this is a fantastic combination by Nestle. We highly recommend these to sit out for the Holidays for guests. The green packaging, designed to look like little elves, is whimsical and fun. This isn’t a Japan-level flavor, but it is a good holiday version. Good work, Nestle!

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