We’ve been on a bit of a roll reviewing Hostess products lately. There have been several new products out for Winter 2019. The last one we have to review is this Hostess Triple Chocolate Brownie. You get 8 individually wrapped brownies in this box for US $2.97. I always think this price point is a bargain for a cheap sweet to send to school with your kids (which we don’t do, by the way). Unless you want to be the parent that sends tangerines decorated like ghosts or reindeer or something (like my wife does, like these because she believes in fruit, as well as chocolate).

The triple chocolate on these comes from 1) the brownie cake itself, 2) the chocolate chips inside the cake, and 3) the fudgy tasty frosting. These things have a lot of chocolate flavor going on. The brownie is a bit dry, which is often the case with mass-produced brownies. We were looking for a moist and decadent brownie with extra jello pudding added to it. That would probably would push this out of the price point Hostess wants it at though. It might ruin the shelf-life as well and we all know these things need to stay edible if there is a zombie apocalypse. We always laugh thinking about the movie Zombieland and Woody Harrelson’s character searching high and low for a Twinkie, there is something special about a Twinkie!

Overall, these are a nice, inexpensive hit of chocolate, if that is what you are after. Not the best, but certainly not terrible. There are many reasons to buy these over a brownie box mix as well. I’d go with “less work” and “last much longer” as the two primary reasons. It’s always fun to try something new, so if you like brownies, give these a try. They are just okay, and there’s nothing wrong with that….as long as it’s chocolate.

I almost forgot to mention the contest on the back of the box. Look at the pictures below. Did you know each Hostess product had a mascot? Yeah, we had no idea either. If you are particularly good at naming things, perhaps you want to send in something witty and name this newest Hostess Mascot. We’d suggest “Adequate Brownie at a Low Price Point”, but that won’t likely win.

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