Milano cookies are one of our family’s favorites. We absolutely love the mint version. When we saw this new cinnamon chocolate version on the shelf it practically jumped into our cart on its own.

When you first tear open the package you are greeted with a delightful cinnamon smell. Cinnamon is the perfect flavor as winter settles in around the Midwest. Although we like cinnamon any time of the year, it has a warming smell and feel to it that goes so well when the weather turns cold.

The Milano cookie is wonderfully crisp and buttery. The cookie just melts in your mouth and blends so well with the cinnamon chocolate. The taste reminded all of our family of cinnamon sugar buttery toast. That might seem odd but there are fond memories in our house of a Dutch Grandmother and Great Grandmother that made all kinds of crazy toast combinations. The best one is sprinkles on toast, or what the Dutch call hagelslag (translation: “hailstorm”). Sprinkles on bread! Yes. strange to the uninitiated, but it tastes really, really good! Anyway, we keep a container of cinnamon mixed with sugar in our spice cabinet to use on buttery toast or even homemade unsweetened apple sauce. This cookie reminded all of us of that same wonderful combination.

Overall, this is a great new edition to the Pepperidge Farm lineup. Great for Fall/Winter. They are a premium cookie, so while the US $3.89 price is a bit steep, it is worth it for a decadent cookie. We have tried three of the new Milanos out this season (see carmel macchiato and irish cream, and this one, by far, is our favorite.

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