Pepperidge Farm released several new cookies for Winter 2019. This irish cream flavor, in their holiday bag was a surprise to us. Did they run out of other flavors? Are there a lot of irish cream drinkers out there? Is the simple mint Milano not good enough (becuase it is!!!)?

For those of you that are unaware, irish cream creamy, nutty, chocolate and vanilla flavors all blended into one delicious mix. The most famous would be Bailey’s Irish Cream in the U.S. Irish cream has been used in cookie recipes for some time, although I’m not sure we’ve ever seen it in a mass-produced cookie like this one.

The taste of these cookies is clearly irish cream. Chocolate, Vanilla and it almost tastes like Hazelnut with a light nutty flavor thrown in. The flavor goes well with the crunchy buttery cookie. We didn’t taste a pronounced whiskey flavor, there might be a subtle flavor in there somewhere, but we aren’t huge whiskey drinkers, especially the two kids. It would have been great to figure out some kind of warming spice or flavor to put into these cookies, to make them feel more like whiskey, maybe a nutmeg would work. These would taste fantastic with coffee, maybe an irish cream syrup latte or perhaps a hot toddy.

These were good and worth the purchase. If nothing else, it can make you feel really bougie eating a fancy Milano cookie. You can find them at Target for US $3.89 for a 7-ounce bag. It is really hard to beat the crisp bite and buttery taste of a Milano cookie, so just about any filling is going to taste great!

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