Dove’s silky smooth Promises line has always been luxuriously smooth with luscious flavors sometimes added to it. We’ve loved the mint and caramel varieties we’ve tried in the past. For Winter 2019, Dove added this Cherry Swirl flavor. It capitalizes on a family tradition we have and I’m sure others have as well. For us, no Christmas holiday is ever complete without the ceremonial box of chocolate-covered cherries for dad.

Our assumption was that this would have that sweet chocolate-covered cherries flavor, but with cherry flavoring, you always worry about a “cough syrup” flavor. That syrupy flavor is always a huge disappointment.

We are happy to report that these DO NOT taste like fake cherry cough syrup, however, they aren’t great. We love the silky smooth Dove melt and while cherry seems like a great flavor to add, but there’s something about how muted the cherry flavor is and when you do taste it, it’s not cherry enough, it’s like an odd cherry aftertaste. No one in our house went for a 2nd, which is a shame, because the hidden saying inside the wrappers are often very clever.

These are pretty to set out for the Holidays with their seasonal and shiny wrapping and anyone who has tried Dove’s Promises knows how decadent they can be, but this combination misses the mark for us. We do love the catchy writings on the inside of the wrappers and welcome you to look at some of the best ones over on Pinterest. Part guru wisdom, part comedian funny, we found the wrapper quotes to be the best part of this candy.

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