While helping our kids get ready for school today, I made them help me review these mints. Exactly what you want before breakfast, right?!?! Ice Breakers Peach Iced Tea are a brand new flavor out for Winter 2019. At first, I told them, “try this gum”, oh my, I tried to chew these and not realizing they were actually hard candy mints! Oops, bad dad joke, seriously.

After removing the plastic cover, the smell of peach iced tea is strong with this one! Open the large lid and it gets really, really strong. We like that. We don’t have time for subtle candy, unless it is really decadent. However, oh my, these mints really hit you hard with a peach iced tea taste, taste buds beware! We each took two of these to start and then, our faces went into that lemon-wedge-eating pucker mode. It was hilarious, especially before breakfast. These things are super strong, with a massive punch in the face of flavor.

After that initial hit, these mellow out a bit and have a nice Snapple Peach Iced Tea type flavor or a Peace Tea Georgia Peach. The flavor match is uncanny. Honestly, it tastes EXACTLY like a Snapple Peach Tea. Several of our family actually like that flavor, so it was perfect for us. We would caution, that you must really like that flavor, if you don’t, then these mints aren’t for you. If the package were larger, we’d ask for a large warning on this container, “MUST LOVE PEACH TEA”.

We only recommend these to people that love peach tea. If you don’t LOVE and yes, we mean LOVE peach tea, don’t buy these. So if you have a Peace Tea can wall (our 15-year-old saw it on YouTube) and that wall is made of Peace Tea Georgia Peach flavor, then these are for you. We picked these up at WalMart for US $2.18, fun for a review, but not something we will stock up on.

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