New for Winter 2019, these Nestle Crunch Peppermint Jingles are on store shelves now. We are not fans of Nestle Crunch bars, but we decided we’d review these anyway, as they are new and chocolate and that’s a great combination for us.

So we’ll start this off with a WOAH! Why woah? Well, these are a LOT better than we thought these would be. Like I said, we are not huge fans of Nestle Crunch bars. An example, we bought a discount pack of after-Halloween-candy at Target for our game night with friends. The only candy bar left from the gigantic pack of little candy bars was the Nestle Crunch bars, (those only disappeared because my wife took them to work).

However, don’t let not liking Nestle Crunch bars stop you from trying this candy! As it turns out, adding in some Brach’s Peppermint Candy Canes (really small pieces, smaller than Nerds) made all the difference in the world! I know what you are thinking, how can peppermint candy cane make up for blah chocolate and puffed rice? Great question! Our only answer is uh…wizardry magic? We can’t figure it out either, we really, really don’t like Nestle Crunch bars and we can’t tell you why throwing in one other ingredient makes this way better, but it really does. These have a wonderful crunch a wonderful peppermint taste and somehow the puffed rice crispy and blah chocolate work well together in this combination. These are delightful, they are holiday cheer in a bag of bells and we highly recommend them for this holiday season.

We picked ours up at Walgreens for US $3.99. We’ll get more for the next game night!

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