We went a little crazy buying Pepperidge Farm cookies at our house. With four new flavors, we couldn’t resist. The last cookie to review is their Cinnamon Brown Sugar toy soldier cookie. Easy to spot on the shelf, it has the special holiday packaging, pretty enough to put in a gift basket or take to a pot-luck if you are too busy to bake homemade cookies.

This cookie is what would happen if a graham cracker and butter cookie had a baby. You can definitely taste a cinnamon brown sugar but it is in the form of a butter cookie. The taste is fantastic and unlike a butter cookie, this doesn’t crumble all over your shirt. I’d say these are safe to stash in a drawer at work and eat through your feelings if you need them, as these are relatively crumb-free. (Which some people need.)

Great taste, great crumble in a very good cookie. These are fantastic for the holidays and the toy soldier is a nice graphic. They would go really well with coffee, hot chocolate or tea! We picked these up at Target for US $3.00 on sale and they are totally worth the price. These have the taste and feeling of a higher-end cookie, along with the bonafide packaging to prove it. We highly recommend these. Enjoy!

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