Ah…Mentos, the not-quite-gum chewy delicious mint (or fruit) flavor that lingers in your mouth. At our house, we are split down the middle on whether the mint or fruit is a better flavor, but CANDY CANE, we can all agree on a good holiday candy!

First, if you need stocking stuffers, I’d recommend these. They are different than anything else, they have fantastic holiday packing and they take up very little room, so you can shove more items in those tiny stockings! We picked these up for US $1.39 at Walgreens, a great price for any stocking.

These mints are wonderfully chewy, although they could be chewier. We wonder if Mentos could create a Starburst type Mentos at some point? We put it on our Christmas list, are you listening Santa and Perfetti? The mint flavor does taste like candy cane, but it’s also not that much different than a regular Mentos Mint in our opinion. It really kind of seems like they stamped some holiday shapes on an existing candy and put it in holiday packaging, but hey, we love that idea! We always need stocking stuffers or holiday-themed candies to put into gifts for others and if you like Mentos, you’ll like these mints. It’s hard to go wrong with candy that says “peace, love, joy” amiright? If you are a scrouge type and think holiday candy is terrible, then you probably need an easy to pack on-the-go breath freshener anyway.

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