If you love Kit Kats or Mint and Chocolate or Candy in general, then you should be excited about this one. This new Kit Kat is the first new year-round release Kit Kat has made in 10 years! That is a very long time to keep us waiting, so, this had better be good, right?

Well, we can tell you with 100% certainty that this new Duo flavor combination is absolutely fantastic. We love Kit Kats and we’ve had friends and family send us all sorts of strange and wonderful Kit Kat flavors from around the world. There are truly some amazing ones that we are missing out on in the United States. But HEY….rest of the world, we have Mint and Dark Chocolate now! Nah nah nah nah boo boo!

The first thing you notice when you open this package is the smell and, wow, does it smell amazing. Our first thoughts were of Andes Mints. Those delicious melt-in-your-mouth mint and chocolate candies that we find on our pillows at the fancy hotels, or in the giant jar as you walk out of a slow-food restaurant. The second thing we noticed is how pretty these look. The half mint and half dark chocolate splits the bar and makes it look special, decadent, and mouth-watering.

When you bite into these, the mint flavor is slightly delayed as the dark chocolate and wafer are the first to light up your taste buds. Then, slowly but surely, that mint kicks in and you wonder how those Andes Mints people didn’t stick a wafer inside their mints long ago, because Kit Kat did and the results are spectacular. The dark chocolate is good, but not like a bitter fancy dark chocolate, more like the dark flavor that a mass-produced candy has, brighter and lighter than gourmet dark. It is a flavor that works very, very well with the mint.

Our family thinks mint and dark chocolate are a perfect pairing, like peanut butter and jelly. This Kit Kit proves that once again, mint and dark chocolate are a perfect combination. We highly recommend this one. We found the normal size Kit Kat Duo at Walgreens for US $1.00, but Walgreens is also now carrying a King Size version, yes, a gigantic 8-stick version for US $2.40 or 2 for $4. We went back and bought 2 king size, because hey, you save so much money going that route, and these were just that good!

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