Today we are happy to have our very first sponsored review! We had several birthdays in our house of reviewers last month and the great people over at sent us this fantastic Birthday Bonanza Tower of Treats to celebrate and review! We love sugar and sweets in our house, but we love Birthday Sugar best!

Gifting is really important to our family and we think the best gift to give is something edible. Whether it is candy, cookies, cheese and crackers, or we’ve even been known to give spicy mustard to someone that loves it, we think the best gifts are those that can be eaten. Luckily, if you use giving a gift that you can eat is even easier.

Our basket consisted of five beautifully colorful boxes stacked up with treats inside. From Godiva Truffles, Ghirardelli Squares, Jelly Belly jelly beans, caramel corn, a white chocolate covered pretzel, sea salt caramels and a bag of saltwater taffy…there is something in this mix for everyone. We loved that some of the treats were items we had not seen before, which is always a nice surprise. Some were famous name brands, so you knew exactly what you are getting, like Godiva or Jelly Belly, but the caramel corn, pretzel, and taffy were more mom-and-pop type brands which adds such a nice variety. The mom-and-pop brands also made the gift seem more personable and upscale in our opinion.

Everything we’ve tried we’ve loved so far. The caramel corn was fantastic. The chocolate from Godiva was great, such a nice decadent chocolate, it is a family favorite of ours. The salt water taffy bag was finished first, as we all love to try the flavors. It was very good, nice and soft with plenty of flavor. The Orange and Licorice taffy flavors were outstanding. And the little sea salt caramels, well, those should come in a 55-gallon drum they are so good!

Gifts are so hard to buy sometimes. The folks at make it easier for you. They have a really wide selection of baskets to choose from and we highly recommend this fun Tower of Treats. We are re-using the boxes and ribbon for our own fun candy gifts for friends for Christmas. We love that the boxes can be re-used and they are bright and whimsical fun wrapping. They were also very sturdy and feel upscale. To us, sending candy is a no-brainer, everybody loves it, it is always appreciated, you can share it, if there is something you aren’t excited about, you can always pass it along to a friend. Who doesn’t love some special candy??!!

We were provided the Tower of Treats at no cost to review. Main picture borrowed from website.


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