First introduced in 2018, this amazing holiday flavor Mtn Dew was really surprising to us. This is the time of year when you are bombarded with peppermint and hot chocolate sweets, so a cranberry pomegranate flavor is completely different. These are available in stores now, we found them in a 12 pack and the 20 oz size.

Initially, we saw these only in a 12 pack and we passed on it. We don’t drink enough soda at our house and cranberry pomegranate did NOT sound like a winner to us. Well, we were really, really wrong! We did pick up a 20oz bottle, and yes, we paid the outrageous convenience price for one located by the cash registers, because we thought, what the heck, it’s nearly Christmas.

When we first opened this, we smelled the mixology of 7-Up and Hawaiian Punch flavored drink. That is EXACTLY what it smells like and honestly, that is what it tastes like as well. It is FRUITY, SUPER FRUITY, LOVELY FRUIT TASTE, all wrapped into one. We did not get any real cranberry taste, which is normally bitter, this one is all fruit punch, all the time. We actually really enjoyed this flavor of Mtn Dew .

This one is a great red color for the holidays and would make an amazing mixer. We wanted to freeze this into a ring and make an (adults only) mixer in a punch bowl with this. It has an amazing fruity punchy flavor that screams of SOCIAL GATHERING to us. This is a great flavor of the holidays and we highly recommend it.

We picked ours up at Walmart for US $1.25. PepsiCo has been busy with all the new flavors they’ve cranked out lately. Here’s to hoping they make more!

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