New for the Holidays 2019, we bought and tested these new Nerds Candy Canes. We love nerds at our house, both the people nerds and candy Nerds. We consider our family to be full of nerds, so it’s not a stretch to say Nerds candy is one of our favorites. Our personal favorite was the Lime and Pineapple Nerds we reviewed previously. These candy canes are more of the familiar Nerds flavors, but there are two flavors combined in each candy cane, just like in their boxes.

These are the typical candy cane shape of a J or shepherd’s hook, there are twelve per box. The flavors are totally tropical punch & road rash raspberry, what-A-Melon & so very cherry, and gotta-have grape & seriously strawberry. The wrapping is super cute, with little Nerds on the plastic, but it must be child-proof packaging, as we had to use a scissor to open them, they were wrapped really, really tightly.

These were so much better than traditional peppermint candy canes, but we really missed the crunch you get from normal Nerds candies. Each flavor tastes exactly like you think or know it will taste like if you are familiar with Nerds flavors. We did find the main color of the candy cane really dictated what flavor this would be, as the stripes added very little flavor overall to the candy. So the melon on cherry was more watermelon than cherry, the tropical punch & raspberry was more punch than raspberry and the exception to this was the grape & strawberry, which was a fantastic grape flavor, even though grape was a just a stripe and not the main color. These all had that very familiar Nerds tangy flavor as well.

Overall, the flavors were fantastic, although we would have liked to see some of the other Nerds flavors in these candy canes. We were thinking the double-dipped Nerds would have been fun here, starts as one flavor but as you melt it down, turns into another flavor. The lemon with wild cherry is a favorite of ours, it would have made a great candy cane. We also remembered the twisted Nerds flavors, and the kiwi & strawberry would have been great to use as well. We really liked these, they are different and fun, the flavors were great. We highly recommend these.

We picked ours up for US $2 at WalMart.

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