If you are bored with “normal” flavors for candy canes, then Brach’s has a box just for you. With Halloween and Brach’s Candy Corn in our not so distant past, this new candy cane from Brach’s for the Holidays 2019, is something completely different. Advertised a “Premium” candy for the holidays, the flavors are a mystery, with Brach’s teasing that the flavors could be Fruity? Sour? Sweet? or Salty? We don’t know about you, but we love a good surprise!

Brach’s says the colors of these candy canes will not give the flavors away, and they are definitely correct on that! The colors had nothing to do with the flavors we tasted. We thought this would be a great game for a holiday party for kids or adults, where you would guess through the flavors and get completely different opinions on what each of these actually was.

So, here is our opinion on what tasted. First of all, these were really easy to unwrap, which we appreciated. We opened a purple/red one first and we got some kind of fruity flavor, we thought maybe a blue raspberry, but it was just okay. We opened a pink/green and got a very strong caramel flavor from it, it tasted exactly like a Dutch stroopwafel, we really enjoyed that flavor. We also found a similar Dutch stroopwafel like flavor in a candy cane that was turquoise/pink in color, so really, the colors mean nothing and it really is a mystery. We also found a terrible and I mean terrible butterscotch flavor in several colors, none of us like butterscotch, so they were horrible. We also kept finding, what we thought, were butterscotch after that, so the whole mystery experiment sort of went up in flames for us. There were three left, but none of us were willing to try them

It was fun, it was a definite mystery, we enjoyed it and laughed, argued and had a great time trying them out. It was fun for us and would be fun for you as well. Definitely something different to try and there’s nothing else like it on the market right now.

We picked ours up at Menards (Midwest hardware type store) for US $2.00.

Picture from Brach's.com
This picture is from Brachs.com

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