I know what some of you are thinking….because it crossed our minds too…WHAT IN THE NAME OF BETTY CROCKER TARNATION IS THIS! Yogurt, on Skittles, isn’t yogurt reserved for peanuts and raisins? Well, no, it’s now on Original Skittles candies! I have to say, never has a candy so divided our household and the arguments were heated. We take our candy seriously and putting yogurt on it! Oh, the humanity!

For half of us, this was our new favorite Skittle, for the other half, it was Dr. Frankenstein’s monster! (Oddly, we all liked the fun Zombies Skittles we reviewed at Halloween though.) We built up our anticipation for this by checking WalMart non-stop for days trying to find this. Our local WalMart didn’t have it in stock, so we stopped at a WalMart a state away, while out of town for the holidays and several other WalMarts in our own state until finally, finally, they showed up at our local Walmart and even then, all were sold except two. These were flying off the shelves. People love to try new things.

At first glance, these look absolutely beautiful. The yogurt coating is slightly translucent and you can sort of see the original Skittles colors/flavors underneath the coating. Although sometimes it was hard to tell what flavor you were getting, they kind of all blended together. Just like a yogurt coated raisin or peanut, the coating comes off of these in nice chunks and it has a nice yogurt melt in your mouth. It’s a nice creamy yogurt flavor and when mixed with the Skittles, it was amazing, good and not-so-good all mixed into one.

The green apple was a terrible mix with yogurt, the lemon was extremely good. The grape was just okay, the orange was OUT OF THIS WORLD. The strawberry was just okay. If you were wondering, strawberry skittles are the United States’ favorite flavor, (that is not true for us though). So you can see why I said there was a broad range on these. For half our household though, no flavor was good, they thought this was an abomination. For the other half, we thought the orange tasted like an amazing creamsicle and the lemon tasted like an amazing lemon pie.

So this one isn’t for everyone, but they were sure fun to try. We found ours at WalMart (finally) for US $2.98. They weren’t quite as fun as Zombie Skittles, but they were still different and fun to try. Half of us recommend them. We also do not think this is the only “dipped” Skittles we will see. Take note of the name, “Skittles Dips” not “Yogurt Skittles” which means we might see other coatings on Skittles, perhaps chocolate, dark chocolate, mint, the possibilities are endless and we look forward to trying every single one!

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