Last year, Nestle introduced Big Chewy Nerds. They had the same great Nerds flavors and coating with a wonderfully chewy, sugary middle. In 2019, Nestle introduced us to a sour version of these Big Chewy Nerds and for those of us that love sour candy, they were amazing! Well, no one wants to miss out on the Disney Star Wars hype, so there’s a new Sour Big Chew Nerds Star Wars version! (say that ten times fast!)

The packaging is super clever, “Which side will you choose?” with two different flavors in the bag representing lightsabers colors of the dark and light sides of the force. We thought this was an extremely clever way to set up this bag, beautiful cover art and a pretty cool concept, it’s a way to take candy selling appeal to the next level. It also matches the two flavors of boxed Nerds, although these are mixed up into one bag.

We absolutely love this version. They have amazing taste and amazing texture. It’s both crunchy and chewy with that wonderful Nerds bumpy candy coating and then basically a jelly bean type candy inside. If you haven’t tried a chewy Nerd, you really need to, run out and get them now. This version adds sour into the mix and it’s an amazing combination. The flavors are typical Nerds blue raspberry and strawberry, although this is an amazing sour version, but if you’ve eaten Nerds before, you’ve probably had these flavors.

Great candy, a great tie-in with Star Wars, we highly recommend them. We found ours at Walgreens, they were US $3.99

Walgreens Sour Big Chewy Nerds Star Wars Display
Sour Big Chewy Nerds Star Wars
Sour Big Chewy Nerds Star Wars

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