Ferrero is on a roll this year after buying chocolate brands from Nestle. The most popular has been the Kinder Joy with over $200 million in sales so far. Ferrero is now hoping to replicate that with the Kinder Bueno. Ferrero is the maker of Nutella, so it makes sense that they would offer a chocolate and hazelnut bar.

You get two bars per package, each individually wrapped to keep them fresh. These bars are a crisp milk chocolate shell formed into its shape and filled with a rich and creamy hazelnut filling with a crisp wafer. There are a lot of textures and tastes going on when you bite into this bar and it definitely fulfills your fat and saturated fat for the day (but that’s not surprising). The package shows a glass of milk with this, I would recommend coffee, tea or milk to help cut the really rich flavor.

Not everyone at our house liked these, but we probably aren’t sophisticated enough to enjoy it. The melty milk chocolate was great, the hazelnut is an acquired taste and the wafer was tasteless but added a nice texture. It’s like a filled Kit Kat bar almost, but with hazelnut filling.

These were readily available outside the U.S. until now. If you want to see what the rest of the world has been enjoying, give it a try. We are passing on this one, it wasn’t a favorite of ours. We will stick with Kinder Joys for now, as we love the little toys they include! We picked these up for US $1.71 at Walmart. The top picture below is an Amazon Affiliate link, 10 bars for $12.60 with free shipping.

Kinder Bueno

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