This is a fantastic candy re-do from the 1980s. When I saw it on the shelf at Walgreens, I knew I had to share it with my kids. They needed to know what they were missing out on. A fantastic panned candy over a chewy center, they remind me of the Chewy Nerds Star Wars we just reviewed. These are made by the 1908 Candy Company after bringing back the dormant Ferrara Pan Company. You can read more about 1908 Candy Company here.

Our candy came in the very popular stand-up bag. When we were kids, we used to buy this in little change-maker boxes and movie candy style boxes. The bag definitely has an updated look and feel to it and is a nice size at 7 oz. The candy has the same great grape flavor we remember. The grape flavor tastes exactly like Big League Chew Ground Ball Grape. Our youngest son was the first to notice the similarity, but once he said it, it was all we could think about. It tastes exactly like that gum but in a candy form. We definitely like the flavor in this candy, it is a wonderful sour grape. The size is a little small, about the size of a pea, but the chewy inside and panned exterior are perfect together. I’m not sure you would want this in a larger size, as if you eat four or five at a time, the flavor is pretty strong, but we like strong flavors in candy. The chew is fantastic, it doesn’t really stick to your teeth, but there’s a nice jelly bean type chew that gives this candy a great texture. The chewy center is what separates this from Grapehead candy which is a variation from Lemonheads, which are solid hard candy.

The Alexander the Grape mascot has some hilarious memes and sayings on the internet. Our bag says, “The sweet taste of victory”, but we found others online. “Make America Grape Again” made us all laugh, catchy, timely and funny, just as candy should be.

We highly recommend this one. We are big fans of panned candy and we love grape flavored candy. We picked this bag up at Walgreens for US $1.99, which we thought was a bargain for a 7 oz. package.

Alexander the Grape
Alexander the Grape

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