Cereal fans UNITE! It all started with a simple tweet, “@eggo please bring back the maple syrup Eggo cereal” With the power of social media and 10,000 cereal fans retweeting that message, not one, but two Kellog’s Eggo cereal rose from the ashes, like the phoenix, brought back to store shelves everywhere.

Okay, this isn’t made of ashes, but they did use wheat flour, which is better than bleached white flour. It’s also amazing that fans brought this cereal back, after a seven-year absence from store shelves.

The taste is actually pretty good. Much better than blueberry Cheerios, as this actually tastes of blueberry. It has that fantastic Eggo smell, we aren’t sure what that is, but we’ll say “magic”. It’s crunchy like Waffle Crisp (now discontinued) but it isn’t some odd cube shape like Waffle Crips but a rounded Eggo shape, mirroring its toaster cousin. We enjoyed this, it was worth the purchase. No idea how long they will stay around, so don’t wait on this one. There is a maple syrup version as well, but we love blueberry, so opted for this one.

Definitely worth trying, we thought it was really good. We purchased ours at WalMart for US $3.64.

Kellog’s Eggo Blueberry waffle cereal
Kellog’s Eggo Blueberry waffle cereal

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