Twix Cookies & Cream

We have to admit, Twix bars are one of our favorites. In fact, for Christmas this year, we even purchased one of those gigantic YARD OF TWIX boxes, which we haven’t even opened yet. To say we are BIG fans of Twix, is a bit of an understatement. So, when they announced the rebirth of the 1990-1991 loveable Cookies and Creme version (this time not in ugly brown packaging) was going to come out, we were super excited. Excited like our team won a national title excited, we love candy, just….that…..much.

We avoided the larger share bags and waited for our local WalMart to get the smaller cash register overly-expensive version of this Twix. My son tried to convince me to buy two, I was tempted, but resisted the urge (and I’m sure glad I did).

We’ve read other reviews on how much people enjoyed these. However, we didn’t enjoy it very much. We loved the Oreo-like cookie part. It reminds us of a Milka Oreo bar, although not nearly as sweet. That part of this bar was great, however, we could barely taste the “creme” part. We even scraped out small bits of creme and tried it and well, there’s not much taste there. We were hoping for a Milka type experience, although not as sweet and we got the not as sweet part, but the rest of the bar was just blah. We didn’t mind the missing caramel, we loved the Oreo cookie chocolate, but we were not impressed with the creme.

We purchased these at our local WalMart for $1.35, they are easy to find right now. We were not huge fans, but we love the original Twix so much more. It is worth trying these for something new and fun though and the packaging is great. Better luck next time, Twix makers!

Twix Cookies & Cream
Twix Cookies & Cream

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