After reviewing the Kit Kat Duo, Mint + Dark Chocolate, we had high hopes that Nestle would grace us with an ever-growing portfolio of flavored Kit Kat bars like Japan gets to enjoy. While Raspberry + Creme isn’t as crazy as a Kit Kat Soy, no really, there’s a very bland tasting Kit Kat that is soy flavored and popular in Japan. Here is a link to buy the soy bar on Amazon and try it for yourself.

This is an exclusive flavor for Valentine’s Day, so if you’d like to try it, you should get it now. It is only available in bags, but we are happy to report these are the mini Kit Kat single bars, which to us, makes them feel elegant and special. Like those tiny meals you get at fancy restaurants, because it is about the taste, not the quantity.

Kit Kat Raspberry + Creme

So how do these taste? Well, they are much better than expected. Raspberry is a difficult flavor to get right and white chocolate can taste and feel like clay. But we are happy to report that the white chocolate melts smoothly and evenly like milk chocolate and the raspberry flavor is not too sweet, not chemical tasting, not bitter or tart, but it has a just-right raspberry flavor. If you let these melt a little, the creme flavor kicks in as well and blends very nicely with the raspberry flavor. The crisp wafer is always great in a Kit Kat and it adds a nice mouth feel to this bar.

We highly recommend these, we loved the flavor and the smaller size. We found ours at Walmart for $2.98 USD for a 9 oz. bag.

Kit Kat Raspberry + Creme
Kit Kat Raspberry + Creme

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