Introduced in 2019, Hershey’s spiced up Valentine’s Day with a new chocolate Kiss variation we’d never seen. Returning for Valentine’s Day 2020, we decided to review them as we missed them last year.

To be brutally honest, we are not huge fans of Hershey’s chocolate. We find it has a thick mouth-feel and is often too sweet. However, we really liked these as something completely different from the large Hershey’s conglomerate. The gooey syrup from the middle tastes a lot like the Hershey’s syrup you put on ice cream or mix with milk, but the taste of it, while wrapped inside other chocolate, is really good. It is best to eat these whole though, as biting a piece off will lead to a gooey chocolate syrup mess.

We will the first to admit that even a large chocolate company like Hershey’s can surprise us. No one was excited to try these, but after a sample, we were all glad we did. We think it is the closest representation to lava cake in candy form we have tried in a while.

We recommend trying these, they were good, not great, but fun to have something different. The packaging is great, these are easy to share with friends as well. We picked ours up at Walgreens for $3.99 USD.

Hershey Lava Cake Kisses
Hershey Lava Cake Kisses
Hershey Lava Cake Kisses

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